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The Orcs of Kor Comes to a Close - 11.04.02

The Campaign Continues... - 09.17.02

Ladder Ranks Active - 09.05.02

Secure Server Down Temporarily - 09.04.02

Game Service Maintenance (9/4) - 09.03.02

New Campaign at Hoodeez.de - 08.28.02

New Wallpapers - 08.14.02

New Featured Fansite! - 08.12.02

WBC Elite Gets a New Host - 08.02.02

ubi.com Maintenance - 07.29.02

Monday, 11.04.02 ?

The Orcs of Kor Comes to a Close

The Final two episodes are here! Click below to download Horse Lords and Lord Bane and take part in the epic struggle to control Illuria once and for all.




Tuesday, 09.17.02 ?

The Campaign Continues...

Our 8 part saga continues to take form as we unleash parts 5 and 6! Take part in epic battles as you build a massive empire and amass an army of Orcs in your struggle to conquer the Gray Dwarves!


Thursday, 09.05.02 ?

Ladder Ranks Active

The Secure Server Ladder stats are now displaying the way they should. Thanks everyone for your patience!


Check Out the Current Ranks

Wednesday, 09.04.02 ?

Secure Server Down Temporarily

For those of you who participate on the secure server, you may have noticed that the ladder statistics haven't been displaying properly since the recent Game Service update. Fear not, your stats are still getting recorded and we'll make sure they get displayed properly a.s.a.p. but for the time being, we'd like everyone to be patient with us as we sort out the issues involved.



Tuesday, 09.03.02 ?

Game Service Maintenance (9/4)
SEPTEMBER 4th, 9:00 am Eastern time
Please be advised that ubi.com services will be subject to interruptions between 6 am and 8 am.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Wednesday, 08.28.02 ?

New Campaign at Hoodeez.de

A new campaign is underway over at Hoodeez.de. The first two scenarios of the campaign, entitled Into the Abyss, are available for download.


Visit Hoodeez.de

Wednesday, 08.14.02 ?

New Wallpapers

We've added 3 new wallpapers to the site including:
  • Merchant (available in 800x600, 1024x768, and 1600x1200)
  • Marsh_sunset (available in 800x600, 1024x768, and 1600x1200)
  • Marsh (available in 800x600)
Clink on the link below to view all of our wallpapers.


Monday, 08.12.02 ?

New Featured Fansite!

Looking for a good source for all your Warlords needs? Look no further! Thanks to Kamanojaku and Fritz over at Hoodeez.de, you can access original content and frequently updated Warlords news on the web. Visit their site now and check out their most recent updates....

Visit Hoodeez.de


Friday, 08.02.02 ?

WBC Elite Gets a New Host

Your favorite Warlords Battlecry 2 fan site just got moved! WBC Elite is now being hosted at www.warlordselite.com

In other news, Petawa added a pair of new polls, a new Daemon strategy and a review comparing the recently released Warcraft III to our very own WBC2. Find out what he had to say!


Visit WBC Elite

Monday, 07.29.02 ?

ubi.com Maintenance

This just in...

On Wednesday July 31 at 6 a.m. PST, ubi.com will be conducting server side maintenance that will result in Game Service downtime of approximately 30 minutes. Aside from an inability to join game sessions during this downtime, there should be no further impact resulting from this maintenance.



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